Namecheap gives March 6, 2022 Deadline to Russians

Domain registrar Namecheap has asked users from Russia to transfer their domains off of their service by March 6, 2022. Those with hosting service will have their sites redirected to a 403 error page, effective immediately.

Russia Service Termination

In an email sent to out to all users in Russia, Namecheap has informed them to transfer their domain and hosting or face a shutdown. The full email was titled (“Russia service termination”), it’s shown below.

Unfortunately, due to the Russian regime’s war crimes and human rights violations in Ukraine, we will no longer be providing services to users registered in Russia.

While we sympathize that this war may not affect your own views or opinion on the matter, the fact is, your authoritarian government is committing human rights abuses and engaging in war crimes so this is a policy decision we have made and will stand by.

If you hold any top-level domains with us, we ask that you transfer them to another provider by March 6, 2022.

Additionally, and with immediate effect, you will no longer be able to use Namecheap Hosting, EasyWP, and Private Email with a domain provided by another registrar in zones .ru, .xn--p1ai (рф), .by, .xn--90ais (бел), and .su. All websites will resolve to 403 Forbidden, however, you can contact us to assist you with your transfer to another provider.

Reaction among the Internet community has not been good.

It’s obvious that Namecheap has some connection with Ukraine, though it’s not clear without further digging. One employee insists they are based out of the USA.

What’s Your Opinion?

Should a Domain Registrar take this type of action? Are there any legal ramifications? Please comment your opinion below.

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